• ➣Article N°5 - Nathan's regrets (Life is Strange)

    He lied to me. "You're special", he said.

    But, that wasn't the truth.

    I was blind, i wanted to believe his words.

    How could i be so stupid ?

    I didn't wanted to hurt anybody.

    I tried to save them. I tried to protect them.

    But if he suspected me, i'll be dead. For sure.

    He's a monster. He's a murderer.

    But wasn't i became a devil like him ?

    I was stupid and now, he's coming for me.

    I can make it end. My pain, my fears...

    I'm scared, but i know that will be fast.

    Bang. Silence. Nothing else.

    Watch out, Max... He wants to hurt you next.

    I'm sorry.

    All this shit will be over soon. Bye.


    -Nathan Prescott.

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    Lundi 14 Août 2017 à 12:17

    Life is Strange is a good game

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